Helping you manage your most valuable asset.

Managing your most valuable asset, your data, requires the application of solid foundational data management principles plus a deep understanding of people, processes and technologies and how to apply all three. iCube360 brings in-depth experience in enterprise data management Strategy, Roadmap and Execution coupled with our Rapid Solutioning Framework to drive business value faster than ever before.

Our Strategy and Architecture services brings expertise across all the areas driving business transformation. This includes technology, data platforms, enterprise architecture, data governance and the ability to align both business and technology data strategies.

01: Data strategy & roadmap

Make your data work for you everywhere.

Data Strategies include not only IT components such as data architectures and governance/quality processes, but also the vision for data usage across the organization. For what business questions will the new platforms facilitate answers? What differing business functions (“roles”) will be required? What reporting/analytics tools will be needed?

iCube360’s Data Strategy development methodology begins with our Data Maturity Assessment. Along five dimensions, from Governance to BI to Information Management, we collect information regarding 150 different questions to measure an organizations Data Maturity. Using this analysis as our foundation, we then work with Business and Technical users to define a comprehensive, long-term Data Strategy.

02: Analytics Strategy & Delivery

Speed to Insights

Business and IT both desire self-service BI & analytics capabilities that rely less on IT while enabling better and faster decision making. iCube360 consultants have a long history of working with organizations to develop an analytics strategy that is Business-led and IT-supported. We also provide end-to-end BI & analytics tool selection, implementation and delivery capabilities.

03: Data Governance & DATA quality

Don't let data become a liability.

Ungoverned data can be more of a cost than an asset to an organization in the form of storage costs, maintenance, and business uncertainty. A comprehensive program of Data Governance, which includes Data Quality, Profiling and Remediation, Metadata Management, and Data Cataloging, secures the value of data to the enterprise. iCube360 consultants bring deep foundational knowledge of these areas as well as hands-on expertise with COTS tools to enhance your organization’s data capabilities.