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What We Do
Working with both business and technology, iCube360 revolutionizes traditional consulting. We provide the expertise to deliver value to your organization in timelines a fraction of typical consulting data projects

Strategy & Architecture

Managing your most valuable asset, your data, requires the application of solid foundational principles. iCube360 brings in-depth experience in enterprise data management Strategy, Roadmap and Execution driving business value faster than ever before.

  • Data Strategy & Roadmap
  • Analytics Strategy & Delivery
  • Data Governance & Data Quality
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Data & System 

Data Technologies are rapidly evolving as organizations strive to monetize their data in support of revenue enhancement & cost control. Keeping pace requires modernization of your data platforms and solutioning framework. iCube360 helps you achieve your modernization goals by bringing the best-in-class data technologies together with our migration & integration services.

  • Data Migration & Integration
  • Cloud Modernization
  • Solutions Architecture
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Smart Enablement

As data becomes more ubiquitous, impacting our lives through wearables, remote sensing, smart monitors & controls, a wide range of technological improvements to everyday life become possible. We lead in this emerging space through our expertise in Smart Data Infrastructure, IoT Smart Solutioning, and Machine Learning Advisory & Development.

  • Smart Data Infrastructure
  • IoT smart Solutioning
  • Machine Learning advisory & Development
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Maximize what you
get out of your data.

Seamlessly connect all your data sources and immediately share insights across your entire organization. We combine your legacy and modern data sources with cutting edge analytics tools to ensure you’re getting value from your data, not managing it.

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Sales Insights

Understand your sales process, find new opportunities and develop predictive models for accurate lead and conversion forecasting. A complete view of your sales performance drives better sales outcome and high value target segments.

Customer 360

Learn more about your customers—their firmographics, demographics and interactions with impressive new behavioral analytics. Gather insight from every touchpoint and build a complete picture of your most valuable customers and what they need from you.

Marketing Insights

Measure your campaign performance, learn from your strongest lead sources and trust you're communicating the right message to the right audience. Track and measure all your marketing data points and craft customer journeys that convert.

Operational Insights

Unify disparate operations and finance data to drive company-wide cost savings, procurement efficiency and people management . Analyze the key revenue, cost, compliance and personnel data to make smarter business decisions.

Who We Are

Through another period of major disruption and change, companies are realizing that their data and insights capabilities are no longer meeting their needs – too slow, too inflexible and too costly while still not delivering the insights expected. iCube360 was formed to help you and your company to deliver faster insights and make better decisions for the future by moving towards a data-driven culture and modernizing your data platforms.

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