Data & System Modernization

Make the most of your data with modern technologies.

Data Technologies are rapidly evolving as organizations strive to monetize their data in support of revenue enhancement & cost control. Keeping pace requires modernization of your data platforms and solutioning framework. iCube360 helps you achieve your modernization goals by bringing the best-in-class data technologies together with our migration & integration services.

iCube360 consultants bring significant expertise to both the planning and execution of these activities, from defining a Solution Architecture through realization in the form of Data Warehouse & Cloud Modernization, including the requisite Data Migration. We utilize a comprehensive set of methodologies and tools to expedite this process.

01: Data Migration & integration

Data migration doesn't need to be stressful.

With the advent of new data platforms there will always be the need to migrate data from one platform to another.  This is nothing new for IT professionals however statistics show that over 50% of data migrations fail—why?  

iCube360 brings over 20 years of successful data migration experience including development of a data migration playbook bringing our expertise and best practices to help ensure your migration success.  This includes a methodology focused on:

  • Evaluate and Discover
  • Scope and Plan
  • Execute and Iterate

Modernized data is effective data.

While cloud computing has firmly established itself as “the new normal” for enterprise IT, the cloud becomes more important for companies to drive business transformation. As data volumes have exponentially increased, issues with traditional data warehouses have emerged, including:

  • Costs, including hardware and maintenance
  • User response times as searches slow
  • Complexity as warehouse sizes grow
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Poor customer satisfaction.

These factors are driving organizations to modernize their data platforms to the cloud.  iCube360 brings significant expertise to modern cloud-based data platforms, including Snowflake, AWS, Actian, and others. We also bring internal accelerators to the process to ensure a rapid, accurate, and secure modernization process.

03: Solutions architecture

Achieve your vision with Rapid Solutioning from iCube360.

The Speed to Insights keystone is built on a solid foundation of a Data-driven culture, Modern data platforms, Business Value, Business & Technology partnership, Rapid Solutioning approaches, and of course Data.  

With the constantly changing business needs and evolving technologies, it’s more important than ever for companies to focus on solutions. Our solution architecture services enables you to get a clear view of how people, process and the technology pieces can fit together to meet your data & modernization goals.