Smart Enablement

Discover new frontiers with cutting-edge innovation.

As data becomes more ubiquitous, impacting our lives through wearables, remote sensing, smart monitors & controls, a wide range of technological improvements to everyday life become possible. We lead in this emerging space through our expertise in Smart Data Infrastructure, IoT Smart Solutioning, and Machine Learning Advisory & Development.

01: Smart Data Infrastructure

Revolutionizing the everyday.

Combining modern data platforms with sensor technologies and 5G, enables numerous applications that advance and improve our daily lives. These include smart cities, smart cars, and tele-medicine.

iCube360 is developing a number of such applications, including smart diagnostics for offshore oil and gas platforms as well as our PeopleFlow Platform. The latter is currently being applied for airports & offices including health monitoring and social distancing, but is applicable to a wide spectrum of applications.

02: IoT Smart Solutioning

Discover the potentials of IoT

With the myriad of potential applications for IoT and the many new available tools and applications, many organizations realize the opportunity but often are not able to define how these technologies can be applied to improve their business. Moreover, they are often reluctant to risk internal solutioning initiatives that may return little to no return.

iCube360’s Rapid Solutioning Framework© addresses these concerns by bringing together the critical pieces needed to deliver business solutions faster than ever before. This includes

  • Platform
  • Applications
  • Solutioning
  • Data
  • Partner
  • Client

Application of this framework provides business with a path to explore the potential of the IoT to their business with minimal risk.

03: Machine Learning Advisory & Development

Take a step forward with AI and ML.

Data has been recognized by companies as a valuable asset, but how do you best drive value from that data.  From anomaly detection to real-time video analysis, our expert machine learning solutions will help you drive your business growth and stay ahead of the competition.